The Many Values of a Fitness Studio Membership

The Many Values of a Fitness Studio Membership

by Katie, November 17, 2016

Are you considering a membership at Studio U?  Maybe you have one and are considering other options, or wondering if the monthly expense is worth it?  Time and money can be precious commodities in this hectic, pricey world of 2016.  But your health – physical, mental, emotional, and social – is just as, if not more, precious!  I’ll here lay out how a fitness studio membership, especially at one like Studio U with multiple and diverse class offerings, has many different types of value.  We look forward to seeing you again in our studios very soon!

1.  Monetary breakdown per class – 

If you crunch the numbers, the classes in an unlimited monthly membership are quite a value – relative to class packages and (even more so) drop-in classes.  At $79, as few as three classes a week gets you twelve classes at only $6.67 each!  The more you come, the better value each class is!


2. Incentive to come to more classes –

On that note, unlimited memberships can motivate you to take more classes!  A huge body of research proves that exercise is incredible for your physical, emotional and mental health. This article from the Mayo Clinic describes much of that. As this slideshow from US News and World Report shows, it’s good so much more than reaching or maintaining a healthy weight!  Seeking to get the most “bang for your buck” can therein have other great effects.  Just through wanting to get the best value you’ll more often move, sweat, tone, and lift your spirit with others who also love doing just that!


3.  Becoming part of a community –

Working out, moving with your personal expression, and getting blissfully sweaty (okay, maybe my strange idea of bliss…) with others is a powerful way to connect.  From that grows friendships, and eventually solid communities; It takes a village.  Your fitness center community can be there to support you through the hard times as well as celebrate with you during the good ones.  It can feel as good to offer those to others in your community when they might need it.  No matter what’s happening in your life outside of the studio your community there won’t go away – if you show up to it!  All the more reason to enjoy an unlimited membership and keep coming as often as you can.


4.  Diversity & flexibility of class options –

Just as you develop relationships with fellow students, you’ll develop ones with your teachers. With a fitness studio membership, you won’t have to choose between separate teachers simply because you can only afford a certain number of classes.  The same goes for taking different types of classes. Cross training in different forms can ensure whole-body health – length, strength, aerobic capacity, and flexibility.  But let’s face it, we all face unexpected hard times financially.  It’s easy to sacrifice certain classes in order to balance the budget.  With the one monthly payment of an unlimited membership, the once-monthly cost is accounted for – and you can enjoy all the classes you want.  No compromises necessary!  And your body, mind, and spirit will be far better off for it.


By Kathryn Boland.  Kathryn is a 500-hr registered yoga instructor with experience teaching various forms of Yoga, Pilates, Zumba/Cardio Dance, and Barre.  Kathryn can be contacted at 


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