Sigourney Hamilton

Sigourney has always had a passion for movement and fitness. A gymnast for 13 years, Sigourney spent tireless hours within gymnasiums and dance studios perfecting her routines.  Coaches encouraged Sigourney to push through her pain and drive her body hard.  While she loved gymnastics, Sigourney ended her practice as it became too much for her body.  She continued to go to the gym and tried a variety of fitness regimens without finding the love that she had once had with gymnastics.  It wasn’t until Sigourney stumbled upon Pilates that she found her “light” again.  Pilates has been a life-changer for Sigourney; it has provided her with a stronger core, better posture, and balance within her body.  Most importantly it taught her that one can get in shape while listening to their body.  Sigourney is excited to share the benefits of Pilates with others. She is Boston Body certified and has been mentored by Zayna Gold through the Boston Body Pilates mentoring program.