Katie Flanagan - Studio Director

Katie found yoga in 2004 after years of running without stretching and constant hours at the gym.  At first yoga was just a way to de-stress, try something new, and get in a good sweat.  But it quickly turned into a daily practice that was much more.  She realized that her practice was not only a new fitness journey, but it was also helping her feel more comfortable in her body, and making her less injury prone.  Katie became a 200 hour certified power yoga teacher in 2008, and has been teaching full time since then.  Teaching others how yoga can improve your health and complement other fitness endeavors is the reason Katie comes back to the mat day after day.

Katie also stays active with soccer, skiing, and crossfit!  She received her group exercise certification in the Fall of 2014 and Barre Certification in the Fall of 2016 as well!