Erin McCabe

Erin made her way to Boston from the mountains of Montana. Although she always enjoyed movement and yoga, it wasn’t until experiencing busy city life that she realized how necessary it was. Erin’s enjoyment of  yoga soon turned into a passion, as she did her 200 hour teacher training as well as the art of assisting training at Down Under Yoga. Erin attributes much of her compassionate technique to the teachers who have influenced her teaching style, such as Barbara Benagh, Ame Wren and Natasha Rizopoulos. Erin’s gentle nature always drew her into professions focusing on child development and care-giving. She knew children could benefit from yogic movement and breathing and pursued a specialized training to assist children in connecting with this practice. Since her training’s, Erin has taught and assisted both children and adults. Erin focuses her classes around rejuvenation, relaxation, and empowerment and welcomes all levels and abilities to come join her.