Angela O'Reilly

Always willing to try something new and break up the monotony of her gym routine,  Angela jumped on the opportunity to support a friend graduating from a teacher training program by attending a free class. This was her first experience taking a yoga class outside of a gym in a studio dedicated to only yoga. After class Angela felt revived like she found something she had been missing and couldn’t wait to attend her next class.

Angela realized that yoga wasn’t about physical ability, but more of a mental challenge. To her it was about letting go of all irrelevant thoughts, becoming aware of your breath, practicing self love and decompressing. Often we get so caught up in our daily lives, we forget to be present and live in the moment. As a new mom this is something she is personally working on daily.

After experiencing the benefits of forming a practice and her love for yoga lead her to enroll in Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga  and a few months later peruse her 200 hour certification.

Often a person with tight or sore muscles, Angela is a strong believer that Yoga is not for the flexible, it’s for the willing. Angela encourages you to listen to your body and honor that asana practice looks differently in every-body which is one of the great things about yoga. Through her desire to help others she is dedicated to motivate, inspire and challenge you to work to your capacity.