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Our teachers are skilled to teach various styles of yoga, pilates & dance. They continue to train and may have ongoing assistantships with senior teachers to keep expanding their knowledge and understanding of their craft. More importantly, all of our teachers share two common traits – they teach dynamic personalized classes and are dedicated to the community at Studio U.
Katie Flanagan - Executive Director, Studio U
Ashley Brayen
Ashley Brayen Yoga
It’s no surprise that Ashley’s journey to yoga was about healing herself, because after one adjustment from her, you will feel her healing kindness.
Aylon Pesso
Aylon Pesso Boot Camp
After years of appreciating exercise and the body’s abilities, he made the jump into the fitness industry in 2013!
Bonnie Bounds
Bonnie Bounds Barre
Bonnie loves using music to drive the energy of her class and strives to create a fun, safe and challenging environment for all levels of fitness.
Casey Mitrano
Casey Mitrano Barre
Barre was the first exercise class Casey ever looked forward to taking, and now she is thrilled to be actually teaching it!
Cher Duffield
Cher Duffield Yoga
Cher hopes students will leave class feeling transformed with a sense of possibility, wanting to return. Her classes are light and fun, with individual attention, and engaging music.
Colleen Dalton-Petillo
Colleen Dalton-Petillo Barre / Pilates
After retiring from running Colleen decided to get her certifications in Pilates and Barre so that she could share her new found passion with others.
Colleen Selander
Colleen Selander Yoga
Colleen is very supportive of you practicing at your own pace, style, and encourages you to laugh at yourself and not take yourself or your practice too seriously.
Danielle Barmash
Danielle Barmash Yoga
Danielle has been practicing yoga for the past 14 years. She is a firm believer of the trans-formative power of yoga.
Deneeb Ruiz
Deneeb Ruiz Boot Camp
Deneeb Ruiz is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mind and body specialist who runs Friday's "happy hour" fitness boot camp.
Ellen Wells
Ellen Wells Yoga
Ellen came to yoga in 2011 after experiencing a knee injury sustained during her daily runs.
Erica Thorp
Erica Thorp Dance / Yoga
Following her life as a professional dancer, Erica saw yoga as a way to keep her body flexible and strong.
Eva Christopherson
Eva Christopherson Yoga
By practicing with an open mind, a bit of playfulness, and sense of humor, Eva is certain that yoga will give us lifelong tools to incorporate on and off our mats.
Heather Dowd
Heather Dowd Yoga
Heather is continuously amazed, inspired and humbled by what she learns about herself and others while practicing yoga.
Heather Osta
Heather Osta Barre / Dance
Heather is a veteran teacher of barre and fitness classes, and is excited to bring her experience to Studio U!
Irene Zen
Irene Zen Hip Hop Cardio Dance/ Zumba
Irene has been involved in dance, aerobic fitness, and martial arts for the past 20 years!
Jessica Midence
Jessica Midence Zumba
Originally from Honduras, Jessica has an insatiable passion for music and dance across all cultures that she loves to blend into her Zumba routine.
Jessica Pate
Jessica Pate Yoga
During her classes, Jessica draws from her yoga trainings, as well as her academic and scientific, research background, to incorporate elements that best serve the energy and needs of the class.
Katie Flanagan
Katie Flanagan Studio Director / Yoga/ Boot Camp
Katie found yoga about 11 years ago after a long time of running and spending hours at the gym.
Katy DiMare
Katy DiMare Barre
Katy brings a contagious energy to her classes and encourages her participants to push their personal limits in order to reach their fitness goals.
Lindsey Granger
Lindsey Granger Yoga
With a passion for health and wellness of mind body and soul, Lindsey aims to guide others through their search for self through Yoga!
Meaghan McSherry
Meaghan McSherry Zumba
Meaghan is teaching a special 8 week Zumba session, Wednesdays at 4:30pm in Newton!
Paloma Cabrera-Lustig
Paloma Cabrera-Lustig Yoga
Paloma is specialized in the principals and fundamentals of Vinyasa
yoga and teaches a challenging, fun, and alignment based class.
Robert Atwood
Robert Atwood Boot Camp
Rob is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer who has been involved in fitness and athletics since starting little league baseball at age 5!
Shira Catlin
Shira Catlin Boot Camp
Shira loves the challenge and camaraderie that group exercise classes foster!
Sigourney Wendt
Sigourney Wendt Pilates
Pilates has taught Sigourney that one can get in shape while listening to their body!
Siobhan Reardon
Siobhan Reardon Barre/ Pilates
Siobhan first discovered Pilates in high school after being diagnosed with Kyphosis, and since then has found a love for Barre and it's high energy workout!