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Our teachers are skilled to teach various styles of yoga, pilates & dance. They continue to train and may have ongoing assistantships with senior teachers to keep expanding their knowledge and understanding of their craft. More importantly, all of our teachers share two common traits – they teach dynamic personalized classes and are dedicated to the community at Studio U.
Katie Flanagan - Executive Director, Studio U
Amanda Howley
Amanda Howley Barre
Amanda finds barre to be an amazing complement to several other types of exercise, and one of the best forms of strength training out there for women!
Angela O
Angela O'Reilly Yoga/ Yoga Sculpt
Through Angela's desire to help others she is dedicated to motivate, inspire and challenge you to work to your capacity.
Billy Gamble
Billy Gamble Yoga
Billy strives to create classes that are fun, relaxed, & welcoming for all students. His goal as a teacher is to help bring out the best from his students through yoga!
Brooke Snyder
Brooke Snyder Yoga / BROGA
Brooke's classes are guided and led from a place of empowerment and encouragement.
Danielle Barmash
Danielle Barmash Yoga
Danielle has been practicing yoga for the past 14 years. She is a firm believer of the trans-formative power of yoga.
Erica Thorp
Erica Thorp Dance/ Yoga
Following her life as a professional dancer, Erica saw yoga as a way to keep her body flexible and strong.
Erika Fritz
Erika Fritz Yoga
Erika strives to create authentic connections with her students, welcoming them to linger after class to ask questions, give feedback, and chat about all things yoga.
Erika Valadares
Erika Valadares Cardio Strength/ Zumba
Erika's fitness journey started when she was over weight and needed to make a life change. She quickly realized her love for teaching fitness and now enjoys helping others get fit!
Eva Christopherson
Eva Christopherson Yoga
By practicing with an open mind, a bit of playfulness, and sense of humor, Eva is certain that yoga will give us lifelong tools to incorporate on and off our mats.
Hannah Adams
Hannah Adams Pilates
Hannah is a holistic fitness enthusiast who draws from her diverse background to create a well-rounded, safe, and challenging class. She has extensive training in both Pilates and yoga, as well as boxing, dance, and the Alexander Technique.
Harrison Swartz
Harrison Swartz Marketing Specialist
Harrison is currently a Student and Athlete at Northeastern University studying Media and Screen Studies. He loves the idea of My Gym and Studio U because he believes everyone should be exercising daily, and having fun while exercising, which is what anyone can really ask for.
Jamie Faro
Jamie Faro Cardio Strength
Jamie enjoys staying fit through a well-rounded approach of yoga, weightlifting, running and cycling, and she enjoys bringing a lot of energy to early morning classes!
Jessica Jarmakani
Jessica Jarmakani Zumba
Originally from Honduras, Jessica has an insatiable passion for music and dance across all cultures that she loves to blend into her Zumba routine.
Jessica Pate
Jessica Pate Yoga
During her classes, Jessica draws from her yoga trainings, as well as her academic and scientific, research background, to incorporate elements that best serve the energy and needs of the class.
Katie Flanagan
Katie Flanagan Studio Director/ Yoga/ Yoga Sculpt/ Core Crunch
Katie works to find a balance between strengthening and stretching for her students in all her classes!
Liana Bonavita
Liana Bonavita Barre
Barre is truly is a practice of mind, body and soul. I look forward to starting my journey with Studio U and look forward to meeting you all!
Meaghan McSherry
Meaghan McSherry Zumba
In addition to her enthusiasm for Zumba, Meaghan is also a Spanish instructor in the Needham schools!
Rachel Almeida
Rachel Almeida Cardio Hip Hop Dance / Mixxed Fit
Rachel's teaching style is to have fun and bring lots of energy!
Sigourney Wendt
Sigourney Wendt Pilates
Pilates has taught Sigourney that one can get in shape while listening to their body!
Siobhan Reardon
Siobhan Reardon Barre/ Pilates Fusion
Siobhan first discovered Pilates in high school after being diagnosed with Kyphosis, and since then has found a love for Barre and it's high energy workout!
Tara Jackson
Tara Jackson Yoga
Through yoga Tara wants her students to realize it’s not about your ability to spring into a handstand, but about the ability to become grounded as individuals through each posture, using the breathe, and while remaining focused.